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We are a team dedicated to providing quality gardening tips, tools, and products so that you can grow your own food at home. Get the assistance of experts to understand and learn home gardening. Learn about the plants, seeds, growing conditions and more.

Hydroponic Solutions

Figuring out the correct hydroponic system for your needs.

Nutrient Film Technique

Nutrient film technique or NFT, is where a very shallow stream of water containing all the dissolved nutrients required for plant growth is recirculated past the bare roots of plants.


Watering the plants is an important step in gardening, which depends on the requirement of every type of plant. While some plants may prefer better drainage of water, others may like to take time to absorb water.

Dutch Bucket

Top Drip is considered one of the most common, and the Hydroponic setup used. While the system could be applied to grow plants in-doors, it is more frequently related with outdoor use.

Fodder Growing System

This a type of NFT system to be used to grow animal or livestock fodder. This turns your dry feed into live healthy organic nutrient-rich feed. This same system can be used to grow Wheatgrass and Microgreens.

Net Pots

The net pots can provide the right support to specific groups of plants and herbs. Creating net pots in your garden can help in effective growth of plants.

Rubbish Cleaning

Keeping the garden may be the last thing to do, but it requires as much attention as sowing the seeds. Having a garden filled with weed will prevent the plants from getting the nutrients they need.

All Natural Homemade Jams and Syrups


Try out our special organic products from our gardens and learn how to make them yourself. Enjoy our delicious jams and syrups at your breakfast as we promise only the healthiest and high-quality foods.

U Pick Orchards

Connect with us today to learn about our special training programs while also visiting our gardens to check out our work process.

Apples (Mid July through late October)

Visit us during the apple harvesting season with your family and enjoy a good picnic at our apply gardens.

Blueberries (Early July through early-mid August)

Find yourself lost in the middle of our vast blueberry gardens and feel free to try out our juicy produces directly from the trees.

Peaches (Late July through Mid September)

Visit us for our peach harvesting season and take home a freshly plucked crate of peaches to enjoy with your family.

Pears (Late August through mid September)

Learn to grow and harvest pears at our gardens during the late summer and get the right advice on growing pears.

Prices For Retail & Pick-Your-Own

Peaches (White)

Enjoy freshly plucked pears from the gardens on a bright picnic day.

Black Raspberries

Enjoy our special raspberry juices and syrups or try our natural berries at our farms.


Enjoy the freshly harvested strawberries directly from our farms.

Peaches (Yellow)

Pick the best peaches from our farms to enjoy with your family.

The Home Growers

Hydroponic Growing Units

We are a family-run farming business that grows our own food. We also supply to major markets in the city, but we like to enjoy visits from our lovely customers who have a great time at our farms while taking crates of fruits and vegetables directly from the farms.


It was an amazing experience learning about the fruits and vegetables that never interested me before. But now I feel so much more connected to growing my own food that I am surely coming back to learn more.

Martin Harris
Product User

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Advantages of Eating Sweet Potato Before a Personal Training Session

Advantages of Eating Sweet Potato Before a Personal Training Session


If you speak to any bodybuilder or personal training expert, they will sing the praises of the sweet potato. Now, you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to get the benefits of this amazing vegetable. It is often overlooked, but even if you are not looking to build bulk but looking to slim down this is one food you should be including in your diet full stop it is perfect as a meal before your personal training session so here’s why.


GI God


The glycaemic index is the way we measure how a food impacts on your blood sugar. Low GI foods sustain energy levels throughout the day as they digest more slowly. Sweet potatoes are the perfect low glycaemic index food even when compared to the traditional white potato. This makes them a much better choice to eat before your training session as they will give you an energy boost needed to get through the hard work.


Calorie Control


Another winning vote for the sweet potato is the fact that it has a lower calorie count than the alternative white potato. On an average serving you’re looking at about 168 calories for a white potato versus 112 calories for a sweet potato. Another important factor is that the carbohydrate content is lower, you get 38g of carbs in white potatoes versus 26g of carbs in sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes therefore are the perfect food for maintaining a calorie deficit and helping you to burn fat effectively.




An important aspect of losing weight or getting fit and staying in shape is ensuring you have enough fibre in your diet. It is a vital component for bodybuilders, but also for anyone looking to maintain a healthy diet. Fibre helps us to burn fat, it’s good for digestion, it’s great for appetite control and it also does help build muscle if you are doing that sort of exercise. Don’t worry, you won’t build unwanted muscle just by eating sweet potatoes, you have to be doing exercise with weights to support this. So, if you’re just trying to slim down and get in shape it can still help you with the other benefits you get from including sweet potato in your diet.


Pick up Your Potassium Levels


Potassium is a mineral, that we can get from our food and it is really important for our muscles, on nerves, and the function of electrolyte balance. If you are particularly active you will need more potassium than someone who has a more sedentary lifestyle. Generally, we need about 4700mg of potassium each day, and there’s a lot of this in all of the food we eat. But just one big sweet potato will give you around 694 mg and this is 15% of the daily recommended amount.


So, is easy to see why the sweet potato is a great food to have before your personal training session, however remember not to eat and run give yourself some time to digest your food before you start working out otherwise you’re likely to feel sick and your performance will be impaired.




7 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Farmers Market

7 Reasons Why You Should Visit a Farmers Market

A Farmers’ Market Is a Fun-Filled Market That Witnesses Freshly Grown Fruits And Vegetables From Local Farms And Businesses. They’Re Usually Set Up In Most Countries During The Springtime When Harvests Are Low. It’s Also a Great Way To Spend Your Weekend Outdoors, In The Fresh Spring Weather, With Some Fresh Foods, Fruits And Vegetables. It Is Also a Leisure Time For The Chef In Your Family, Who Can Shop For Whatever They Want, Related To Cooking. If You’Re Still Not Convinced, Let’s Check Out The Seven Reasons To Visit a Farmers’ Market During Your Next Spring Season.

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

Since The Crops And Harvest’ Are Directly Plucked From The Nearby Farms And Gardens, It Is Both Organic And Good For The System. The Produced Is Generally Picked Within The Last 48 Hours. Hence You Need Not Worry About The Freshness Of The Crops. However, It Is Better To Check With Your Vendor Because Many Urban Markets Import Certain Kinds Of Fruits And Vegetables From Abroad.

Fresh Fruits

Being a Part Of The Community

We Hardly Find Time To In Our Busy Schedule Become An Active Member Of a Group Or a Community. By Visiting Farmers’ Market Every Year, You Can Connect With People Of Your Own City Or Locality And Take Part In The Programs Offered By Them. It’Ll Also Encourage You To Know Your Area Better.

Support Local Businesses

Most Of The Products And Items In The Farmers’ Market Are From The Local Farms And Businesses, That Are Struggling To Make a Living, Despite Great Services Offered By Them. Hence, Visiting And Buying Products From Them Is a Great Way To Support And Encourage Their Business.

Free Samples

Most People Who Visit The Farmers’ Market Regularly Confess That The Free Food And Samples Offered Is The Best Part About Their Visits. Their Homemade Bread, Choice And Backed Well Keep Your Mouth Watering And You Can’t Resist From Taking Home a Few.

Free Samples

Save Money

Although Some Of Their Products Are a Little Expensive Compared To Other Local Grocery Stores, They’Re Still Organic And Sometimes Be Bargained For Lesser Price. It Is a Win Situation For Both Because If The Prices Are High, You’Re Getting Fresh And Organic Products That Could Be Difficult To Fetch In The Regular Grocery Store You Visit.

Cooking Tips And Recopies

Most Of The Free Samples Offered Are Live Stations, Where They Prepare The Food And Directly Serve On Your Plate And 100% Of The Time They’Re Delicious. Farmers Have a Way Around Their Cooking Skills Too, And They’Re Not Only Eager To Sell Their Products, But Also Share Their Recipes With You. One Visit To The Market And You’Re Already a Cooking Expert.

Boost In


It Is a One-Stop-Shop For Various Organic Products That Are Enriched With Vitamins, Minerals And Many More Organic Substitutes And Products. Buying These Valuable Items And Using Them For Your Cooked Meals, Will Boost Your Nutrition Content And Keeps You Fit Until The Next Spring.

The Easiest Fruits and Vegetables to Grow for Beginners

The Easiest Fruits and Vegetables to Grow for Beginners

Growing your own fruits and vegetables at the backyard or in your garden is a self-reliant dream for most of the people. This aspiration is not far off if you have the right knowledge, aspiration, soil and tools. However, you need not be an agriculture expert to grow fruits and vegetables; even beginners find it to be a fun and easy task. We’re going to discuss the best fruits and vegetables. Even beginners can grow in their backyard.

Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers are a great way to start your gardening journey. It can be a fun experience because they’re basically grown in three different colours, and the colour depends on the time span of growth. They start green, but as they mature they turn into red, orange, yellow, purple and chocolate brown colours. You can pick them early out of the plant, but the longer you keep them unused, the further it changes colour, without changing its taste.

Bell Peppers

Carrots and Radishes

Carrots and radishes are of the same family, and hence they’re easy to grow as well. But, one prerequisite is that they grow better in soil than in a pot. They occupy less space and harvest in about four weeks, leaving you enough bandwidth to grow the next batch.  Once you take them out of the soil, avoid replanting them as the leaves can wilt and 90% of the time carrots never grow after replanting.


Cabbage is generally cultivated in the summers. However, in some countries, there’s an early onset of summer. Hence you can start growing them mid or late summer as well. They’re grown from seeds and often takes 2-12 days to mature, leaving a fully grown mature crop.

Blackberries and Raspberries

Blackberries and Raspberries fall under the family of Caneberries which provide a tasty delight, especially when you grow it and savour directly from your backyard. One crucial aspect is pruning. It is a process of cutting off the extra or overgrown leaves and branches to allow the fresh once to replace them.


Tomatoes are a popular home-grown fruit which is quite easy as well. They require regular watering, which can be quiet a task sometimes. But apart from that, when they’re provided with ample sunlight (direct), water and manage to prevent it from insects and animals, it is an easy vegetal / fruit to grow. It is best grown in regions with heat and summer is the best season to grow them.


They’re another kind of berries that are easy to grow at the back of your hose. They’re usually grown in the spring season and one of the easiest to grow. The right amount of sunlight, soil and water will ensure juicy berries that you will nowhere find in the stores.



The one’s vining, require a bit of space to grow. Apart from that, cucumbers are a great vegetable to cultivate at home. The crucial season to grow them is during summer as they drink up lots of water.