Growing your own fruits and vegetables at the backyard or in your garden is a self-reliant dream for most of the people. This aspiration is not far off if you have the right knowledge, aspiration, soil and tools. However, you need not be an agriculture expert to grow fruits and vegetables; even beginners find it to be a fun and easy task. We’re going to discuss the best fruits and vegetables. Even beginners can grow in their backyard.

Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers are a great way to start your gardening journey. It can be a fun experience because they’re basically grown in three different colours, and the colour depends on the time span of growth. They start green, but as they mature they turn into red, orange, yellow, purple and chocolate brown colours. You can pick them early out of the plant, but the longer you keep them unused, the further it changes colour, without changing its taste.

Bell Peppers

Carrots and Radishes

Carrots and radishes are of the same family, and hence they’re easy to grow as well. But, one prerequisite is that they grow better in soil than in a pot. They occupy less space and harvest in about four weeks, leaving you enough bandwidth to grow the next batch. ¬†Once you take them out of the soil, avoid replanting them as the leaves can wilt and 90% of the time carrots never grow after replanting.


Cabbage is generally cultivated in the summers. However, in some countries, there’s an early onset of summer. Hence you can start growing them mid or late summer as well. They’re grown from seeds and often takes 2-12 days to mature, leaving a fully grown mature crop.

Blackberries and Raspberries

Blackberries and Raspberries fall under the family of Caneberries which provide a tasty delight, especially when you grow it and savour directly from your backyard. One crucial aspect is pruning. It is a process of cutting off the extra or overgrown leaves and branches to allow the fresh once to replace them.


Tomatoes are a popular home-grown fruit which is quite easy as well. They require regular watering, which can be quiet a task sometimes. But apart from that, when they’re provided with ample sunlight (direct), water and manage to prevent it from insects and animals, it is an easy vegetal / fruit to grow. It is best grown in regions with heat and summer is the best season to grow them.


They’re another kind of berries that are easy to grow at the back of your hose. They’re usually grown in the spring season and one of the easiest to grow. The right amount of sunlight, soil and water will ensure juicy berries that you will nowhere find in the stores.



The one’s vining, require a bit of space to grow. Apart from that, cucumbers are a great vegetable to cultivate at home. The crucial season to grow them is during summer as they drink up lots of water.