If you speak to any bodybuilder or personal training expert, they will sing the praises of the sweet potato. Now, you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to get the benefits of this amazing vegetable. It is often overlooked, but even if you are not looking to build bulk but looking to slim down this is one food you should be including in your diet full stop it is perfect as a meal before your personal training session so here’s why.


GI God


The glycaemic index is the way we measure how a food impacts on your blood sugar. Low GI foods sustain energy levels throughout the day as they digest more slowly. Sweet potatoes are the perfect low glycaemic index food even when compared to the traditional white potato. This makes them a much better choice to eat before your training session as they will give you an energy boost needed to get through the hard work.


Calorie Control


Another winning vote for the sweet potato is the fact that it has a lower calorie count than the alternative white potato. On an average serving you’re looking at about 168 calories for a white potato versus 112 calories for a sweet potato. Another important factor is that the carbohydrate content is lower, you get 38g of carbs in white potatoes versus 26g of carbs in sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes therefore are the perfect food for maintaining a calorie deficit and helping you to burn fat effectively.




An important aspect of losing weight or getting fit and staying in shape is ensuring you have enough fibre in your diet. It is a vital component for bodybuilders, but also for anyone looking to maintain a healthy diet. Fibre helps us to burn fat, it’s good for digestion, it’s great for appetite control and it also does help build muscle if you are doing that sort of exercise. Don’t worry, you won’t build unwanted muscle just by eating sweet potatoes, you have to be doing exercise with weights to support this. So, if you’re just trying to slim down and get in shape it can still help you with the other benefits you get from including sweet potato in your diet.


Pick up Your Potassium Levels


Potassium is a mineral, that we can get from our food and it is really important for our muscles, on nerves, and the function of electrolyte balance. If you are particularly active you will need more potassium than someone who has a more sedentary lifestyle. Generally, we need about 4700mg of potassium each day, and there’s a lot of this in all of the food we eat. But just one big sweet potato will give you around 694 mg and this is 15% of the daily recommended amount.


So, is easy to see why the sweet potato is a great food to have before your personal training session, however remember not to eat and run give yourself some time to digest your food before you start working out otherwise you’re likely to feel sick and your performance will be impaired.