Harvest Basket


Knutson's Country Karvest

Each system configured for your needs, space, what you want to grow, etc.
- Fodder Growing System
This a type of NFT system to be used to grow animal or livestock fodder.
Works great for Wheatgrass and Microgreen production.
This turns your dry feed into live healthy organic nutrient-rich feed.
This system when fully loaded produces 215 Lbs of Feed a DAY with a
7-Day growing cycle, but we can design and build your system for the size you need.
Advantages include, but are not limited too.
- Improved milk production in dairy cattle.
- Higher energy levels and coat gloss improvement in horses.
- Improved fleece apperance in fiber goats and alpacas.
- Higher milk yields in milking goats
- Improved confinment life in zoo animals that normally feed on grass in their natural habitat.
- Reduction in sticky droppings from chickens resulting in cleaner eggs.
- Improved conception rates in ewes.
- Easy transition from sows milk to solid food for young pigs.
Fodder Growing system
Grow your own organic fodder year round.
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