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Each system configured for your needs, space, what you want to grow, etc.
- Dutch Bucket
Top Drip is considered one of the most common, and the Hydroponic setup used for this type is also known as “Bato buckets or Dutch Buckets”. While the system could be applied to grow plants in-doors, it is more frequently related with outdoor commercial use. Inside huge greenhouses, the top drip arrangement is planned with feeder lines and a base reservoir. Periodically, a pump forces the solution upwards through small tubing that trickles out from each plant.
Tomatoes shortly after planting on 6/3/2011
One Month Later 7/3/2011
My 12 Bucket system. This will have 8 buckets (16 plants) of Tomatoes,
and 4 buckets of Cucumbers (Not yet planted).  
Same System one month later, Cucumbers now over 5 ft high.
Dutch Bucket system growing Tomatoes and Cucumbers at JJC.
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